Wolves don't make good pets...

unless they're teacher's pets?  That's the name of this new outfit from League, anyways.

The grid is packed with sexy takes on school girl outfits.  Most of them look like crap.  Fortunately, this being from League, the textures are yummy.  Take a look at the folds textured along the arms and just belong the belly.    The socks, which are sold separately (and as a result, are available in way more colors than the outfit) are also textured wonderfully.

There are several different ways to wear the outfit, which is always a plus to me.  Pictured above is the entire outfit, with the undershirt and jumper.  If school girl isn't your thing, the badge is actually an attachment, so you can wear the jumper without it.  It's also possible to wear just the jumper or just the undershirt.  The later is supposed to be sexy, but to me it looks like I just woke up and need a nice cup of tea.

Or maybe it was just one of those days when it's too hot to wear pants.

Credits after the break.

First two pictures:
Avatar: Lost Furest Evolutions (modded)
Hair: Truth
Outfit: League
Socks: League
Shoes: Shiny Things

Avatar: Lost Furest Evolutions (modded)
Hair: Truth
Shirt: League
Panties: =Hoot=
Lower legs and feet: Modded from a Tokushi avatar


Serenity said...

Yum. :9 Total Yum!