I originally meant to post this Friday, but I have a bad habit of simply falling asleep after a long day at work.  All those bloggers with kids AND jobs, I don't know how they do it...

Anyways, this outfit was inspired by some of the crazy storms we had on Friday.  Power outages, trees down, all sorts of fun storm stuff.

It really started from the bottom up, with the shiny rainboots from Surf Co. that had been sitting around my inventory waiting for spring to come.  From there I decided to go with a greenish-blue color theme that makes me think of wet spring days<3

Today, however, it's bring and sunny and warm again.  Spring is weird.  Credits, as usual, beyond the cut.

Bonus picture time! What Alex has been doing in her spare time:seravee2

Avatar: Lost Furest Evolutions (modded)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations
Shirt: fri.day
Pants: SN@TCH
Socks: Schadenfreude (previous 50L friday item)
Boots: Surf Co.


Serenity said...

Awww you always pull off such cute looks. XD I need to do one soon too! <3

Alexiel Magnolia said...

Actually half of the time when I get dressed I wonder if my outfit even makes sense XD

Anonymous said...

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