Be Back Soon!

Sometimes life picks fights with you... sometimes life wins... Oh well.

At AnthroCon this weekend.  After that I'll be posting regularly again.

For now pictures and notes from the con:

Spring Doll

A year or so ago someone decided it was Bare Rose appriciation week.  There was much blogging and wearing of B@R stuff, and the whole thing ended with a huge party at B@R.  What you might not know is that there are huge awesome parties at Bare Rose about every week with prizes and fun stuff.  This past Friday was one of the EGL themed events, with a spring theme.  When I showed up, Sereni ( demanded I blog my outfit, so here it is :)

The newest thing I'm wearing is the crown from Illusions, which was from the wild.released event and may not be available anymore.  The corset and dress are from a silentsparrow released that's almost two years old but I still wear it all the time.  The top is once again the part of the gypsy chemise from Wishbox which is even older.

So here's my sweet lolita-ish tribute to spring.  Even if it feels more like summer tonight, ugh

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Hair is actually a kind of fur

I feel a little hesitant posting about hair.  Just about every hairstyle I've ever bought has needed some degree of modding to fit on my big fuzzy head.  Sometimes it just needs a little resizing and moving.  Most times it involves at least a little bit of moving around individual strands.  I've had hairstyles end up looking very different from their original form by the time they finally fit.  This particular style however needed only a little resizing and a few strands moved to widen it to my head.  It's a new-ish style from Exile called "Scene."

I'm not really into the whole scene subculture, and I tend to think that scene hair in real life is kinda gross due to all the chemicals and product required to look that way.  But in a virtual word?  Give me big crazy hair please.

The outfit is from Frick, a store which I've long known about for affordable, quality skins.  I didn't know that Frick had expanded into clothing until I wandered into their booth at the Alternative Fair.  I would like to point out that at the top of the corset, in the back, there's a little line of white.  I don't think it'd be visible on fair humans or light-furred furries, and it doesn't really bother me much.

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Non-SL awesomeness

Look at this, fav it, love it <3

Wolves don't make good pets...

unless they're teacher's pets?  That's the name of this new outfit from League, anyways.

The grid is packed with sexy takes on school girl outfits.  Most of them look like crap.  Fortunately, this being from League, the textures are yummy.  Take a look at the folds textured along the arms and just belong the belly.    The socks, which are sold separately (and as a result, are available in way more colors than the outfit) are also textured wonderfully.

There are several different ways to wear the outfit, which is always a plus to me.  Pictured above is the entire outfit, with the undershirt and jumper.  If school girl isn't your thing, the badge is actually an attachment, so you can wear the jumper without it.  It's also possible to wear just the jumper or just the undershirt.  The later is supposed to be sexy, but to me it looks like I just woke up and need a nice cup of tea.

Or maybe it was just one of those days when it's too hot to wear pants.

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I originally meant to post this Friday, but I have a bad habit of simply falling asleep after a long day at work.  All those bloggers with kids AND jobs, I don't know how they do it...

Anyways, this outfit was inspired by some of the crazy storms we had on Friday.  Power outages, trees down, all sorts of fun storm stuff.

It really started from the bottom up, with the shiny rainboots from Surf Co. that had been sitting around my inventory waiting for spring to come.  From there I decided to go with a greenish-blue color theme that makes me think of wet spring days<3

Today, however, it's bring and sunny and warm again.  Spring is weird.  Credits, as usual, beyond the cut.

Bonus picture time! What Alex has been doing in her spare time:seravee2


Places that don't suck

After my recent bad experience buying medieval/fantasy clothes, I thought I'd go out and support creators I do like.  Hopefully over the next couple days I'll show off some nice fantasy-ish stuff that you CAN mod to fit an unusual body type.


This dress, from Kouse's Sanctum, has a belt attached to the skirt.  While this might make modding a little bit difficult, it's a blessing for a furry because separate belts tend to take up attachment points needed for a tail.


I had to mod the hell out of this to get it to fit my wide and short shape, but after the frustration of no mod dresses, I kinda enjoyed it...

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