Hair is actually a kind of fur

I feel a little hesitant posting about hair.  Just about every hairstyle I've ever bought has needed some degree of modding to fit on my big fuzzy head.  Sometimes it just needs a little resizing and moving.  Most times it involves at least a little bit of moving around individual strands.  I've had hairstyles end up looking very different from their original form by the time they finally fit.  This particular style however needed only a little resizing and a few strands moved to widen it to my head.  It's a new-ish style from Exile called "Scene."

I'm not really into the whole scene subculture, and I tend to think that scene hair in real life is kinda gross due to all the chemicals and product required to look that way.  But in a virtual word?  Give me big crazy hair please.

The outfit is from Frick, a store which I've long known about for affordable, quality skins.  I didn't know that Frick had expanded into clothing until I wandered into their booth at the Alternative Fair.  I would like to point out that at the top of the corset, in the back, there's a little line of white.  I don't think it'd be visible on fair humans or light-furred furries, and it doesn't really bother me much.

Credits after the break.

Avatar: Lost Furest Evolutions
Hair: Exile
Outfit: Frick
Boots: Ducknipple