Spring Doll

A year or so ago someone decided it was Bare Rose appriciation week.  There was much blogging and wearing of B@R stuff, and the whole thing ended with a huge party at B@R.  What you might not know is that there are huge awesome parties at Bare Rose about every week with prizes and fun stuff.  This past Friday was one of the EGL themed events, with a spring theme.  When I showed up, Sereni (http://serenitysemple.blogspot.com) demanded I blog my outfit, so here it is :)

The newest thing I'm wearing is the crown from Illusions, which was from the wild.released event and may not be available anymore.  The corset and dress are from a silentsparrow released that's almost two years old but I still wear it all the time.  The top is once again the part of the gypsy chemise from Wishbox which is even older.

So here's my sweet lolita-ish tribute to spring.  Even if it feels more like summer tonight, ugh

Credits after the break

Avatar: Lost Furest Evolutions
Hair: Tiny Bird
Necklace: Curious Kitties
Crown: Illusions
Shirt: Wishbox
Corset and dress: Silentsparrow
Shoes and socks: katat0nik


Serenity said...

This was sucha adorable combo! XD Too bad I had to bed ya to blog it. XP

Tava Tea said...

Nice combo :)

C-plex 60 Carb Blocker said...

Good combo..I enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

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